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KC Tile Cleaning
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Tile & Grout Cleaning
KC Tile Cleaning offers commercial and residential tile cleaning services in the Kansas City Metro.

What can professional tile cleaning do for me?

Having your tile professionally cleaned is not only the easy choice, it is the best choice.  Traditional cleaning methods usually involving sweeping and mopping your floors which may help, but often leaves much residue behind.  In additiona, some ceramic tiles are porous and will absorb the grunge from everyday use into them making it all but impossible to clean.  Steam cleaning is the best way to clean these tiles and allows for extraction of the dirty water before it has a chance to settle back into the tiles.  A mop just pushes the dirty water around until it settles in a new place.  Steam cleaning these tiles with high powered equipment reduces the amount of water left behind so the floor is dry quicker and stains can't simply move to a new spot on your floor.  

Tile Cleaning Applications

Some of the most common applications for tile cleaning are:

  • Greasy Floor Mitigation

Professional tile cleaning services can be especially useful for restaurants where a greasy buildup often occurs that creates a slippery and dangerous working environment.  

Though mopping may help, there will still be a thin film of residue left behind by the mop and even worse when the mop is not changed frequently enough.  

Steam cleaning the tile not only breaks up and removes this residue from the floor, it can also help disinfect the area to reduce pathogens and possible contamination sources.

  • Hard Water/Limescale Removal

In areas where hard water is a problem, no matter how much you clean the minerals and calcium deposits left behind by the water can create buildup over time that can be unsightly and even damaging to machines.

Our proven process is able to remove limescale and mineral deposits from your kitchen or bathroom tile surfaces and because we use a soft water process for cleaning, we won't create new deposits while removing the old ones.

  • Grout Line Cleaning

Does your tile look good, but no matter how hard you scrub you just can't get those ugly stains out of the grout lines?

This is a great application for steam cleaning the tile.  

Our process begins by pre-spraying the tile and grout and then using mechanical agitation to work the debris and stains loose before rinsing and extracting the dirty solution as our equipment powers through the grime on your tile and grout.  
An added benefit of properly cleaning grout on a regular basis is avoiding the damage that dry debris being ground into the grout constantly can cause.  

Since grout is a rubbery substance, aggressive objects like sand and small rocks can eventually cause damage to the grout.  

Using a steam cleaning/extraction service helps to remove these objects and clean the grout at the same time avoiding the damage agressive cleaners may leave behind.  

Stone Flooring & Marble Floor Cleaning

Cleaning stone flooring can be a difficult process and if not done right can cause a tremendous amount of damage.

Marble for example, is soft, and must be handled with mild cleaning solutions and lower pressures for cleaning to prevent scratching.  

Clay tiles may bleed salts from the tiles up to the top of the floor leaving an unsightly mess if not quickly speed dried during the cleaning process.  

If this drying process doesn't happen correctly, a white haze can become visible on the top of the tile making it appear soiled.  

Booking a professional floor cleaning service with the equipment and expertise for cleaning these special floors can save a lot of money in damage repair and wasted time.  

It should be noted; however, cleaning floors of this style is an expensive process to be done correctly.  

Beware of those offering this service too cheap, as they may actually damage your fragile floor surfaces instead of cleaning them!  

Check out our YouTube videos below to see the results of our work in action!
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